His Favourite Inconvenience

decorated-christmas-tree-HD-wallpaperMy Rating: 3.5/5
Date read 11th December
Date published 13th December
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A fashion blogger with money troubles. A corporate attorney with boss troubles. Add in the stress of the holidays and it’s like putting lighter fluid on a fire.

Sera Calhoun is supposedly in Vegas to be with her dad during the holidays (Thanksgiving through Christmas Eve and everything in between–Black Friday, Santa Lucia, St. Nicholas Day). But she’s really there to seal the deal on a $100,000 grant that she’s up for. Money that will take her blog to the next, more profitable level. 

Gustaf Andersson lives in Vegas and works a high-pressure job that is nothing like the non-profit work he used to do. He is Sera’s new stepbrother, and he doesn’t think too much of the seemingly self-centered Sera.

Sera feels the exact same way: she would rather give up her pinky toes than breathe the same air as this guy. 

But the holidays have a funny way of making people want to kill each other one minute…and enjoy a few sloppy kisses under the mistletoe the next.

My Thoughts:
Firstly I would like to thank Sydney for sending me this book to review. This of course in no way affected my review.

I really liked Sera. At times I did think she was a little selfish but I think she has a good heart and has just been a little ignored and stereotyped. She clearly had a passion for her blog. 

Dane, oh Dane. I thought he was great. he was hot, sweet, kind and caring. You couldn’t ask for much more. 

I thought Chip could ease up a little on Sera. It was like he only saw the negatives and never saw the positives of her life. He just sees  a college drop out, a runaway bride. What he doesn’t see is the girl who is really going for something she believes in and loves.

Also I loved hearing about the Swedish Christmas traditions. I think it’s always nice to see how Christmas is done in different places. 

I have one slight criticism I have is that sometimes it was difficult to work out through who’s point of view we were seeing things. It regularly switched from Sera to Dane and then back again and sometimes I had to read the sentence or paragraph to work out who said it. I really liked this book and thought it was a great quick and entertaining Christmas book. I hope Syndey writes another book on these two.

Author Bio:
Sydney Strand is a pen name for a traditionally published author who turned to indie publishing because she wanted to publish faster than a year or two after handing in her book. She wrote her first finished story at age ten, which was also a holiday novella, about a girl stranded on an island at Christmastime who befriends a school of dolphins. One day, Sydney hopes to rewrite this novel with a woman and a man falling in love on that island…and befriending a school of dolphins. You can find Sydney at www.sydneystrand.com.

Author Links:

1126028 11260351126033

Instagram at sydneystrand



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