Man Candy Monday #13

iStock_000010944279Small_HeaderMan Candy Monday’s as I’m sure you are aware is hosted by Blame it on the Rain and The Book Lovers

This week we have gone all Christmassy on the blog. I hope you like it. So I am swooning over another Blake. I swear it must be in the name. This week’s Blake is from Karli Perrin’s wonderful Christmas book The Gift.

Why you ask? well he’s hot, like super hot, he dresses up as Santa. He’s pretty awesome. I don’t want to spoil the book for those of you who haven’t read it yet but he does something pretty awesome. Also he takes Imogen on the best date. I was super jealous. 

So what does Mr Claus look like?

MT Michael-Trevino-Seventeen-Magazine-tyler-lockwood-16277490-375-500Michael-Trevino-for-Bench-Body-michael-trevino-26326300-450-600 Michael-Trevino-1



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