Man Candy Mondays #11

MCMSo last weeks Man candy was highly controversial, but it was my most looked at post with the current total being 313! The beauty of books are that they are open to interpretation. So I would like to thank everyone for their opinions.

On to this weeks Man Candy. Man Candy Monday’s as I’m sure you are aware is hosted by Blame it on the Rain and The Book Lovers.

I have chosen the delicious Issac from Karli Perrin’s April Showers. Why? well if you have read April showers then this man needs no introduction and there is no need for me to explain. he is hot, like super hot. drop dead gorgeous. He is kind and sweet and would do anything for the girl he loves. If haven’t read April Showers then you absolutely should. Believe the hype. It’s awesome.

I found this really difficult. I have read and re-read the description of Issac many many times trying to find the perfect male to cast. I have come up with the gorgeous Channning Tatum but I think we may need to put him on a sunbed because I always imagined Issac with tanned skin.

channing-tatum-1_large channing-tatum8327m channing-tatum-3channing tatum shirtless


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