Man Candy Mondays #8


Man Candy Monday’s as I’m sure you are aware is hosted by Blame it on the Rain and The Book Lovers.

It’s this time again and today I really need this to cheer me up. Last week was not a great week at work and I’m really hoping this post will cheer my up and get me ready for the rest of the week.

So I know you are all eagerly anticipating who I have picked this week. It’s Nash from Rachel Vincent’s Soul Screaming Series. Why have I picked Nash? He’s the high school heart throb. And when Kaylee has a’panic attack’ in the club in My Soul to Take (Book 1) he stays by her side and and helps her though it. He then tells her what it really was, because it wasn’t a panic attack. He also helps her learn to control it. 

As well as being the sweetest school heart throb. below are two excerpts from book 1. the first is the very first description we get of Nash and the second is how Kaylee perceives Nash. 

“My gaze settled on the most hypnotic set of hazel eye’s i’d ever seen, an d for several seconds I could only stare, lost in the most amazing swirls of deep brown and vivid green, which seemed to churn in time with my own heartbeat – though surely they were just reflecting the lights flashing overhead” (excerpt from My Soul to Take)

“Nash Hudson would be one of the stars: too hot to look at, too hot to touch and the centre of his own solar system” (excerpt from My Soul to Take)

Now what do I think Nash looks like? 

chacecrawford300 The Wild Brunch Chace-Crawford-hottest-actors-32484410-462-462 chace-crawford-open-body-body-1256306857 (1)

What do you think of my casting? Have you read the Soul Screamers series? Who would you cast as Nash? Let me know below. I hope you enjoyed this week’s Man Candy Monday. 



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