Wonderfully Wicked Read-a-Thon Final Update

wonderfullywickedRAT2-228x300Hello everyone, 

So what can I say I didn’t quite make it to finishing all three books but I did finish two out of three. I think I have to blame this on my school night drinking. Thursday was my CEO’s last day and leaving drinks which I attended and my have and a few drinks too many. I then felt awful on Friday and had to work. I did however solider on. I didn’t get too much reading done for either of those days. My parents also came to visit my new house today for the first time so between taking the kitten to the vet falling asleep in the afternoon for a few hours and cleaning I didn’t really have much time for reading on Saturday. Basically life got in the way. My plan is to read Miracle on Regent St next before my short story for my blog tour at the end of the month. Although I didn’t reach my target I did enjoy the Read A Thon and I think I will be setting my self a Christmas Book Challenge. 



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