Man Candy Monday #6


Man Candy Monday’s as I’m sure you are aware is hosted by Blame it on the Rain and The Book Lovers and this week I have a good one for you. I thought about this long and hard and this week, I am choosing Adam from Marian Keyes’ Watermelon and well the rest of the Walsh Family books. If you haven’t read them I would highly recommend them. Marian Keyes is a fantastic writer and I love all her books that I have read, unfortunately there are still a few on my tbr list. So Adam appears in the first Walsh family book. He is a ‘friend’ of Helen Walsh. By this Claire (Helen’s older sister and the main character of Watermelon) assumes she mean’s one of her many slaves, Helen has enlisted Adam to write her essay for her. But Claire is shocked to discover Adam is actually a man and not one of Helen’s ‘usual callow youths’ as Claire describes them in Watermelon.  So why have I picked Adam to be this weeks man candy? Well he is 6 foot tall, blonde hair, blue eyed and a hell of a lot of muscle. He seems to make every girl he comes into the same room as blush. He is also sweet, kind and caring all elements that you see of him in this book. Without ruining the story too much for those of you that haven’t read it he’s a saint to stick around that family. They are a mad bunch with so many problems but I love them like they were my own family. So hands up who wants to see a lovely picture of how I think Adam looks……everyone yep thought so. Let me know below what you think of my casting.
Justin-3333333-justin-hartley-15837333-490-694 600full-justin-hartley 33_1_mg_9011



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