Man Candy Monday #5

It’s week 5 of Man Candy Mondays. Thank you to Blame it on the Rain and The Book Lovers for letting me take part. Writing this post is the highlight of my week. 

So this week I am crushing over Mr Eric Northman from the Sookie Stackhouse/The Southern Vampire Mystery novels. Why you ask? Well he is powerful, He runs the biggest vampire club in the area. He is extremely confident, although a bit arrogant. I would love to take him down a peg or two. He is a frank person so you would always know where you stood with him. The way he speaks about Sookie and his actions towards her show how caring and loving he can be. Oh also he is damn hot! 

alexander-skarsgard-actor-true-blood-vampire-eric-northman-handsome-swedish alexander-skarsgard-trublood-trueblood-erik-eric-northman-true-blood-71239807193791-forgivemelist Eric Northman, True Blood eric_northman_true_blood EricNorthmanTrueBloodHotEric-Northman-main


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