You Don’t Have to Say You Love Me

coverMy rating: 5/5
Date Published: February 2011
Date Read: September 2012
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Sweet, bookish Neve Slater always plays by the rules. And the number one rule is that good-natured fat girls like her don’t get guys like gorgeous, handsome William, heir to Neve’s heart since university. But William’s been in LA for three years, and Neve’s been slimming down and re-inventing herself so that when he returns, he’ll fall head over heels in love with the new, improved her.

So she’s not that interested in other men. Until her sister Celia points out that if Neve wants William to think she’s an experienced love-goddess and not the fumbling, awkward girl he left behind, then she’d better get some, well, experience.

What Neve needs is someone to show her the ropes, someone like Celia’s colleague Max. Wicked, shallow, sexy Max. And since he’s such a man-slut, and so not Neve’s type, she certainly won’t fall for him. Because William is the man for her… right?

Somewhere between losing weight and losing her inhibitions, Neve’s lost her heart – but to who?

My Thoughts:
I LOVED this book. I mean really loved it. From the very beginning I felt sorry for Neve. Since I was a child I’ve always had a problem with being overweight. Not masively so but I always weighed more than I should. I blame this on my love of chocolate. But only in the past few years have I actually done something about it. Well tried to. My point being that I understood Neve when all she wanted to do was give in and have that bit of something she really, really shouldn’t. I understood her self confidence issues and I could see why she is the way she is. 

I really didn’t like William. I just found him a bit of a sap.  Max on the other hand well I like him, even if he is a man slut. From the beginning of this book I could predict the ending. I mean it is a chicklit book afterall. Even though I knew how it was going to end I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of the journey. 

I am glad Manning included the bullying storyline. Bullying can really traumatise you and not just while you are at school. It can lead to issues later in life especially if you are still exposed to that bully. Even if you try to change yourself in order to stop the bullying it never works. The only way to beat a bully is to not care. 

I loved Neve’s sister. She was fun and slightly mad and I would love it if Manning wrote a book about her. 

I would most definitely recommend this book. It is a great chick lit read with some laughs as well as some tears. It has everything you need for a perfect book. 



6 thoughts on “You Don’t Have to Say You Love Me

  1. Your review definitely makes me want to read this book. I love how you’ve added your own personal touch.

    Always remember, you’re beautiful no matter what 🙂

    Clare xx

      • Well, it’s true 🙂 I too have suffered with self confidence issues and I know how hard it is to believe in yourself. I know I’m technically a ‘stranger’ but hearing you’re beautiful no matter from who helps a great deal.

        Clare 🙂 x

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