Man Candy Mondays #4

So after the busy week I had at work last week I am very glad to be sitting here writing this post. 

This weeks Man Candy is Mr William Cumberland. Who is he you ask? Well, he is the main male character in Aven Ellis’ new book Connectivity. Aven was kind enough to send me an ARC which I have just finished. I recently did a cover reveal for this which you can find here

So why is Willaim my man candy? 

Well, he own’s his own company, not just a little one, oh no, its humongous. Also he shouts down the phone a people being a big bad ass and tells them their work is crap. Basically he’s very powerful. As well as that he has has an air of mystery to him which makes him very interguing. I love the way he flirts with MK in the book and spent the entire book wishing I was her. Aside from all of that. He looks a little like this.


I mean look at those eyes they are just sooo blue. Ugh MK I am a jealous girl, for now I will have to fill my life with these pictures. 


Henry-Cavill-Comic-Con-2012 cavillpic Henry-Cavill-Details-02


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