Man Candy Monday #3

It’s that time of the week again. 😀 

So this weeks man candy monday is Jake McIntyre from Maria Murnanes Waverly Bryson Series. I love this series so if you haven’t read it yet I would highly recommend it. 

So why is Jake my man candy this week? Well for those of you that have read the Waverly Bryson series you will know that Waverly is well a handful. She’s has issues with self confidence (you can hardly blame her when her fiancé dumped her 2 weeks before the wedding). However Jake is always there for her. He’s the perfect boyfriend and he never gives up on her, throughout all her craziness. Who wouldn’t want a man like that.

So I have always imagined Jake to look a little like Alex O’loughlin. Basically drop dead gorgeous.


alex_o_loughlin_04 alex_o_loughlin_05 Alex-looking-HOT-alex-oloughlin-22313625-1280-1024 Zoe (JENNIFER LOPEZ) follows Stan (ALEX O'LOUGHLIN) to his country house. Alex-O-Loughlin-hottest-actors-33565633-500-609


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