Man Candy Monday #2

I hope you all enjoyed week one of Man Candy Monday and are ready for week 2. So I have spent all week thinking about who can be this weeks man candy. It was a hard one I tell you but I have decided on Leo from the Longest holiday. I recently read this book and you can read the review here. 

A chiselled jaw, dark eyes, dark eyebrows, olive skin and short black hair. Doesn’t he just sound heavenly. I think Paige writes some of the best book boyfriends. We have Leo, tall, dark, handsome and troubled. Nathan (Lucy in the Sky) sexy blonde surfer dude. Not forgetting Johnny Jefferson (Johnny Be Good and Baby Be mine) and Joe Strickwold/Strike(One Perfect Summer/Christmas). 

So the reason Leo is my man candy. Well apart from be drop dead gorgeous, he has had a hard life and really needs someone to come along and be there for him. Also deep down he has a heart of gold, you just need to push through all the issues. You really see how much he just wants to be loved but is scared throughout the book. Oh and did I mention he is hot? 

So if the longest holiday was turned into a film I would have him played by the gorgeous Ian Somerhalder. He’s not quite olive skinned but we can always put him in the sun for a bit first. And Yes, ladies, I have scoured the internet looking for the best pictures of him. All for you. So please enjoy. 


2807713579883882444jaaMXrccian-somerhalder-240 ian-somerhalder-n-a-t-il-pas-peur-des-scenes Tv+Series_wallpapers_488 vampire-diaries-damon-shirt-off



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