Man Candy Monday #1

 Man Candy Monday’s is a new feature by I made the very tough decision to take part in this. 

So this weeks Man candy is the hot and sexy Noah from The Notebook. I’m currently reading this book and I have seen the film many, many times. I obviously have the hot, sexy and drop, dead gorgeous Ryan Gosling in my head throughout the entire read. It’s heavenly really. 

Now for the challenging  part. I have spent a lot of time trawling the internet for you looking for the best pictures of Mr Gosling. It was a difficult task, let me tell you. Please enjoy my hard work!  


ryan_gosling_pic02 618w_gs_ryan_gosling_2

tumblr_lq4fdhKiuU1qhq57ao1_500 the-notebook-rachel-mcadams-and-ryan-gosling-1446952-473-315 notebook1 5263f00f32c9856a28189863a711d35eae32381cf16da6000fab4340


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