Brightest Star in the Sky

thebrighteststarintheskyMy Rating 3.5/5
Date Published: Jan 2009
Date Read: Aug-Sept 2013
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Welcome to 66 Star Street . . .In the top-floor flat lives music exec Katie. She spends her days fighting off has-been rock stars and wondering how much cheesecake you’d need to eat yourself to death.Below her, a pair of muscular Poles share with a streetwise cabbie named Lydia, who has a sharp tongue, an even sharper brain but some unexpected soft spots.On the first floor is Fionn – a gardener who prefers the company of parsnips to people. But he looks like a fairy-tale prince and when he’s offered his own television show, he’s suddenly thrust into the limelight.And at the bottom of the house live Matt and Maeve, who are Very Much In Love and who stave off despair by doing random acts of kindness.But a mysterious visitor has just landed at 66 Star Street, bringing love, friendship and heartbreak, and a new-found optimism. Old secrets are working their way to the surface and all their lives are about to change in the most unexpected of ways . . .

My Thoughts:
At first I was very confused as to what was happening in this book. There were lots of characters and I wasn’t quite sure who was narrating. This made it difficult for me to really get into this book. I found the first third of the book really hard to read. But I persevered and the story really started to get interesting around the half way mark. My favourite characters were Katie and Lydia. Lydia acted like she didn’t care and had this big attitude but deep down she did. Katie I felt sorry for, she clearly loved Conall but he just couldn’t give up his work. I couldn’t understand what was going on with Matt and Meave. I was very confused for a long time. When I understood I felt very sorry for both of them. I didn’t really like Fionn. I found him quite irritating and his ego was too big. I loved the ending to this book. It was a perfect way to tie everything up.



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