Book News: New Books by Paige Toon

I LOVE Paige Toon. Her books are great. I love the way she writes and if you haven’t read any of her books then you definitely should. Anyway back to the news. Paige has announced that she is releasing a short story ebook sequel to Baby Be Mine (the second in the Johnny Be Good series) I am very excited about this. I love Meg and Johnny and I can’t wait to read it, this is due to be released in Autumn this year.

As if that wasn’t big enough news Paige is also releasing a book about Jessie. Now who is Jessie you ask? 

Remember how, in Baby Be Mine, Meg worries that Barney isn’t Johnny’s only illegitimate child? Well, her fears are not unfounded…

Meet Jessie, the 15-year-old daughter rock star Johnny Jefferson never knew he had. Her mother was one of Johnny’s first groupies, but she kept the identity of Jessie’s dad a secret. Only the truth is about to come out… (

I am thrilled about this news. I cannot wait to meet Jessie and see how Meg and Johnny handle this situation. This is due to be released in Spring 2014.

x E x

****Update the Johnny and Meg short story (due out this Autumn) will be called…… Johnny’s Girl*****

I just LOVE it! 


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