I Heart Vegas (I Heart 4)

coverMy rating: 4/5
Date Published: December 2011
Date Read: March 2012
Book Links:

Angela Clark loves her life in New York. She loves her job, her friends and her gorgeous musician boyfriend, Alex, who is finally ready to move in with her and start planning their future together. Everything is perfect.
But, after Angela loses her job, her world starts to crumble around her – her visa is revoked and she’s given the disastrous news that she must leave New York and her life behind and go back to London.
Confused, heartbroken and desperate to stay, the last thing Angela needs is a girls’ trip to Vegas just before Christmas – especially when Manhattan at Christmas is so perfect that she never wants to go home…

My Thoughts:
I am a self confessed Angela/Lindsey Kelk fan. As always Lindsey did not disappoint with the latest instalment of the I Heart Series. So Angela was living the perfect life and then bam she looses her job which then means she will lose her visa  and must return to London. Jenny’s solution to this problem….Girls trip to Vegas! I really went through the wringer with this one. Lindsey you had me on edge. Keeping the deportation issue a secret from Alex was well a dumb thing to Angela, it did however cause some interesting scenes. The return of James Jacob was definitely something I welcomed. He’s a great character and a great friend to Angela. The big question is will Angela  get Alex to marry her so she can stay in NYC…. 

This is a must read! 



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