I Heart Series

My Rating 5/5

Chick-lit is one of my favourite things to read. I know people say they’re predictable but what is wrong with a little bit of predictability in an extremely unpredictable life? It’s nice to know that the girl will get the hot guy in the end. The fun is in how she gets the guy. The hurdles she has to overcome before she does. Any-who enough digression back to the review. I absolutely love this series, and I cannot wait for the release of I Heart Christmas. I’m so excited. I love Angela Clark; she is a down to earth girl who every girl can relate to. She’s funny, extremely clumsy, brave and loveable. Follow Angela as she gets herself in to situations that you’re never sure how she’s going to get out of. Somehow she does it with her best friends, lots of chocolate, ice cream, wine and cocktails. A perfect way to solve any problem in my book. 

x E x


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